May 14, 2015

Our Services



We offer Debt Syndication and Restructuring services through public and private sector banks as well as through NBFC and independent financial institutions. We have a competent team offering comprehensive debt solutions to meet clients’ requirements.


Our Relationships with banks / NBFCs and Institutional Lenders help us to deliver Term Loan and Working Capital Finance to our clients at competitive interest rates and terms and in time bound manner. Our long standing expertise and experience in Debt Syndication services, gives us the insight to be able to cater to various debt requirement of our clients.It has helped us to develop, innovative financing solutions that create real value for our clients. Rayon Capital has maintained a successful track record of completing transactions for SMEs and Large Corporate houses on time and efficiently. This speaks well of our strong business advisory and fund raising expertise.

Term Loan – We advise our clients right from preparation of project report to documentation and disbursement of term loan.

Working Capital – We specialise in arranging finance for Working Capital needs of our clients by setting up working capital facilities with various Banks and Institutions. This includes fund based limits like Cash Credits and Book Debts and also Non-Fund based limits like Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantees at very attractive rates of interest and competitive terms.



Companies require Equity at various stages of their growth. Equity also helps to reduce the cost of debt. Our strength is our experience in equity advisory. As the Advisor of Choice in private equity deals, we deliver an integrated approach to our clients that draws upon our knowledge and experience in providing strategic and tactical expertise. Our global reach, critical industry knowledge, and ability to deliver end-to-end solutions on time, has given us an edge over our competitors.

We help our clients to benefit from our expertise across the entire Private Equity lifecycle-identification, initiation, structuring, execution and closure. Excellent professional relationships with leading global and domestic investors also help bring in a better understanding of promoter expectations to the table. This further helps our clients choose the right partner to fund the growth of their company. The services in Private Equity we offer are:



Corporate restructuring is generally carried out by Companies to cope up with financial stress and bring improvement in the business by overcoming prevailing adverse economic conditions. Rayon Capital is sensitive to our clients re-structuring needs and provides innovative, practical solutions to clients. The focussed process which our team follows in handling corporate restructuring, helps clients bring in effective arrangement and deployment of available financial resources and expedient responses to relieve financial stress.

CDR -Corporate Debt Restructuring
Corporate Debt Restructuring offers an opportunity to the borrowers to re-negotiate the existing credit terms with banks and financial institutions in the regulatory framework and re- arranges the credit facility by taking into account the existing capabilities of the company. Our team of experts helps SMEs and Large Business Houses in the Debt Re-structuring process.

BIFR and NPA Cases
The company is referred to the Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) when the net worth of the Company is substantially eroded. Rayon Capital helps clients in preparing viable schemes to be submitted to BIFR and also to implement the scheme, thereby increasing the net worth of the company.

Asset Reconstruction Advisory
On account of default in adherence to credit terms, the account of a borrower becomes a Non-Performing Assets (NPA) for Banks and Financial Institutions. With the help of Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARC), Rayon Capital helps banks to overcome these financial challenges of NPA.

OTS Cases
On behalf of the clients, Rayon Capital negotiates with the lender and settles the amount which is outstanding. We do this in a practical way, keeping in mind both – the interest of client and of the institution.

Mergers and Acquisition is a part of the global corporate scenario and has created its own requirements as companies follow inorganic model of growth through acquisition. It takes a great deal of effort and a knowledge oriented approach to understand and deal with these demands from both buyer and seller perspective. Rayon Capital assists in the entire process of Mergers & Acquisitions. Our M&A services consists of both, buy and sell side advisory encompassing the following:

– Chalking out M&A strategy and drawing up of M&A plan
– Preparation of financial model and valuation
– Identification of target companies, negotiations and closure
– Structuring the transaction and preparation of Information Memorandum
– Assistance in Due Diligences like financial, legal, operational, technical
– Assistance in integration of operations post M&A

Having an International presence in UK and the Middle East through Associates, Rayon Capital provides significant leverage in serving our clients in cross border transactions.

Valuation Advisory
Valuation of a company is required for various regulatory requirements like amalgamation, sale of business, or other business requirements. When companies require independent assessment of value they look at Rayon Capital. Our Company professionals have deep industry knowledge and a process-oriented approach that can make a big difference in taking advantage of the right opportunities.

Management and Leveraged Buyouts
MBOs especially, are favoured exit strategies for large corporations who wish to pursue the sale of divisions that are not part of their core business, or by private businesses where the owners wish to retire. Rayon Capital’s services and expertise make your transaction work in a way that delivers ongoing and sustainable success.

M&A – Management Buyout
In today’s dynamic business scenario, one sees a large number of management buyouts taking place. Most of these processes provide companies with unique opportunities for change while offering a degree of consistency. At Rayon Capital, we understand this need for change. To meet these needs of our clients, we provide a properly structured process which handles current liquidity and helps bring in future capital appreciation for business owners and companies. Our team of professionals are experienced in all phases of the management buyout process. We have expertise in determining the feasibility of a transaction, developing the appropriate structure, finding the right private equity partner and negotiating the terms of the management agreement.

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